The Lord's Jam

by Eola

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side a (tracks 1-5), recorded mar-april 2010 in orlando, florida & new york, ny

side b (track 6) recorded feb 6, 2009 in brooklyn, ny

©Does Are 2010
digital only release

edited, physical version released on cassette by
August 2011
(tracks 1-4, 6)
Eola - The Lord's Jam


released June 15, 2010

Edwin M. White


all rights reserved



Eola Orlando, Florida

Edwin Mathis White

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Track Name: Hey I'd Like To Show You
the lord's jam calls me
to work ungodly hours

sit on dœwn (x3)
down, down, dooewn

it's something
no sadder sound sound sound

you've gotten tired
we got inspired
we've gotten spired
we've gotten lost

we got this song
my life is gone
my life is wrong
we get along

you got the bass on
you've got the bass on
of an old broke car
looks like a long lost art

he's sorta saying
he's sorta saying
this sword is hanging
that we've all worked hard

long hours in a border town
long hours in a border town

you can't buy it
you cant cut it
you're not tryin
you don't want it

bup bup ba

and i say

hey i'd like to show you
my way
Track Name: Famished Heads
so famished
listen up
last night i was so famished
uh uh not true at all, not true at all

last night i was never famished
last night i was full in my head
my hair was fatter than dead
the life returned within me
my hair jumped out to meet me
and i, i shook my head and cried
but why would i ever cry? cry
why cry
sort of a surprise
surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise
su su su su super surprise
sup sup sup sup super super surprise me
i surprise myself
it's wise to look in my eyes
since it's wise to look in my eyes
i stare inside of them, oh why
i would cut out my eye to get a look at just why
i seem to never see with my eyes
those eyes must be a disguise, disguise, disguise, disguise
why? my eyes? so why disguise?

'fide in the total in the border
sifting' through the sand by the water
rollin' through the town on a gator
and i'll feed my car some fuel and ride her
a letter
a cruisin' tune
i'll write a cruisin' tune for you and write it in my car
i'll sit inside that automobile and take it super far
so fuckin' far it's gonna be star
i'll meet stars and cosmic men afar
i'm ready to go and fly out there and die in space and lose my hair
the space between my hair ain't there
there's nothing' to see just dead ol' hair
Track Name: I've Decided
big ass signin
big ass climbin
whats the rest of time?
take my hand and fly
take my hand and die

i deci-ded on try in to train myself
to get out of where i've been
nothing will work
nothing sinks in
i'm a bad teacher
thats what i've come to

i've dec-ded to train myself to get out
but nothing sinks in
nothing ever works
nothing will help me get from here
nothing is good
nothing is bad
but i'm still stuck where i've been
been been being being going going going going been been were were you you

been been being being going going are are

you're so long gone, so long gone
gone gone gone

this is our first day of going all beyond
Track Name: I'm Walk
what to do

i'm walk out on you

if we gonna find it far
and hey help is on the way
for seven years today
i've found things cant stay
a heart is wet with fire and death
and you're so red i looked it up at best
in the whole it's flyin hard and im inside and
way up there and im
growing for the face of credits lifted up

hard man, low guys
sweet little eye its hard to find
hey boy, hi there
go out and find it
track what you've thought of
and roll it up and smoke it with your feet
takes a little chance to get found in a place where you've never been
but you roll around until you've seen it all
and they help you up until you're out of it all
and the tall things are small if they don't have a wing
but they certainly stepped on a place
mat to me
cold hey both man sar

kelo da son
its gonna fly
swing that boat till it rolls around
and thats where i belong

ca ca
swoop poo
woo woo woo
woo woo woo
ca ca ca
shoo shoo shoo
whoa woo
whoa woo

get in the ice
jump in the panes
fine fine fine fine that's the pace
we'll slide
and die down fly
she fly guar

its the arc of the old
sands to told
we got jump and talk coconut roll
its fruit fruit a loo
too delicious to throw away
sucking down juice

we take a bide lick a tongue
seed fly
what can we sow like
ey there
and ey whoaooooo
die die die
just die die die
dow dow dow dwo da da da da deee
do do ododo da da dadeee
deee la la la hahahahahahahahahaha
Track Name: Chaosos
ok i'll save your hide
oh how i never want to know
my wants are do or die
if it's real, it's right

over your shoulder
chaos is growing
my thoughts among the unknowing

ok ill save your hide
oh how i never want to know
my wants are do or die
if it's real, it's right
Track Name: Be Uh Chap
mmmmmm, mm mm mm

(11:04) right now i'm taking it up, right now i'm taking it off

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